I enjoy thinking about things from a philosophical perspective. Logic is a fun game. I hope everyone can experience the joys of the game.

The subtitle of my blog is “Discovering Logic and its Applications”. That’s exactly what I try to do here. I like to take a logical and philosophical approach with things in order to discover sensible explanations, and then be able to apply them to similar situations in order to make sense of the world we live in. Everything is attached  to a string, and if you follow it long enough, you’ll find the source of it all.

From the homepage you’ll notice I have four categories as of now: Philosophy, Movies, Rants and Literature. Philosophy will certainly be rich with the concepts that interest me most. The Movies category will consist mostly of concepts that I found interesting in a movie (and not movie reviews). A lot of philosophy will bleed over into the Movies category. Literature is a species of it’s own. While there might be some great philosophical concepts and allusions, it’s mainly the other half of my brain releasing its energy. You shouldn’t expect as many posts in this section. It’s an old passion of mine that has not died out yet. And Rants are rants.

So I hope this helps you to navigate my blog. Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment!


logik : German for, “logic”

^You might have guessed… 😉